In March, 1996, a committee led by local residents Clair Tepfer, Sherry Maupin and David Gray joined together to establish a “recreation district” within the boundaries of the Middleton School District.  They gathered enough signatures to have it placed on the ballot in May.  This initiative overwhelmingly passed with 532 votes in favor of forming the district and 269 against.  The Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation (GMPRD) is a taxing entity and has a governing board of three commissioners.
In July of 1996, Governor Batt appointed the new Commissioners for the Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District.
The First Commissioner’s were chosen based on past involvement in community projects and on skills they could bring to the board.  They were Bob Rounds, Tim O’Meara and Larry Haney.
Other Commissioners throughout the years have included George Porter, Mike Dittenber, Mark Neimeyer and Tory VonWolfe, and most recently, Elizabeth Weaver,Vicki
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Hawthorne Park

310 N Hawthorne, office Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District

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Timothy O’Meara, Matt Garner, Lori Sprattley, Jake Vesper, Hunter Holt (Not Pictured)

2017 Directors

2017 Directors from left to right

Director, Mike Okamura, Director Kelly Hall, Treasurer,

Mike Dittenber, President, Steve Fillmore, Vice President, Bo Mackey  (Not Pictured - Photo is past Director Russ Nelson)

President, Steve Fillmore

Vice President, Bo Mackey

Treasurer, Mike Dittenber

Director, Mike Okamura

Director, Kelly Hall, DVM

GMPRD Office located at

310 N. Hawthorne, Middleton

Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District
Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District Hawthorne Park Hawthorne Park Hawthorne Park
The Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District was created to serve the current and future needs of our community by acquiring, developing and preserving open space and park facilities and to provide quality, safe and accessible recreational programs, clean facilities and parks that meet the diverse needs of individuals of all ages.
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